Acupuncture Services MBS item changes

This page provides information about the 1 November 2022 changes to the structure of MBS acupuncture items

Page last updated: 28 October 2022

From 1 November 2022, MBS items for acupuncture services will be changed to better align these services with contemporary and evidence-based practice and to expand the range of medical practitioners eligible to provide the services. The new changes will include amendments to four MBS items (193, 195, 197 and 199) and the deletion of MBS item 173. Further changes include clarification that item service durations only include the time a medical practitioner personally attends to the patient (whether continuously or non-continuously).

These changes are a result of recommendations from the MBS Review Taskforce (the Taskforce), informed by its General Practice and Primary Care Clinical Committee and public consultation.

Further information is available in the following factsheet:

PDF Version Factsheet for Acupuncture services (PDF 292 KB)
Word Version Factsheet for Acupuncture services (Word 126 KB)

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