Introducing a New Stroboscopy MBS Item

The Australian Government is introducing a new item to fund stroboscopy services through Medicare, to ensure patients are receiving procedures aligned with current best practice. These changes follow recommendations from the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Taskforce and Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) Executive.

Page last updated: 11 October 2019

Factsheet - Stroboscopy (PDF 40 KB)
Factsheet - Stroboscopy (DOC 77 KB)

What are the changes?
From 1 November 2019, a new item specifically for stroboscopy will be introduced to the MBS to replace MBS item 41846 for direct examination of the larynx. This new item, MBS item 41501, will better describe the service, make it easier for billing and promote current best practice.

Direct examination of the larynx not utilising stroboscopy will still be covered under MBS item 41764 for nasendoscopy, sinoscopy or fibre optic examination techniques.

Why are these changes being made?
The MBS Review Taskforce, following agreement from the MSAC Executive, recommended the replacement of MBS item 41846 for a specific service covering stroboscopy.

The Taskforce is conducting a clinician-led review, which makes recommendations to the Government on how the MBS can be modernised to improve patient safety, support equity of access and reduce waste.

What does this mean for patients?
Patients will benefit from diagnostic investigations and the monitoring of treatment effectiveness through a specific stroboscopy service.

Patients will now receive a service that aligns with clinical best practice and is consistently billed and rebated.

What does this mean for providers?
Providers will benefit from a clear schedule of MBS items that are aligned with current best practice for stroboscopy and examination of the larynx.

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