Medicare Indexation Schedule

Page last updated: 21 January 2020

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In the 2017-18 Budget the Government announced it would commence the phased re-introduction of indexation of Medicare Benefits Schedule rebates.

Indexation commenced on 1 July 2017 with increases to GP bulk-billing incentives and on 1 July 2018 for standard GP consultations and specialist attendances. Specialist procedures, allied health services and all other GP services will be indexed from 1 July 2019.

The Government will also introduce indexation for ultrasound, x-rays and other targeted diagnostic imaging services including mammography, fluoroscopy, CT scans and interventional procedures, from 1 July 2020.

A summary of the proposed indexation schedule is below. Specific Item Numbers affected by Medicare Indexation is attached. It is important to note that this table is based on the Medicare Benefits Schedule as at 1 April 2019, and may not be inclusive of all items to be indexed.

Indexation Schedule Summary

Table 1: MBS Indexation Schedule Summary

Date IndexedServiceGroups
1 July 2017GP bulk-billing incentiveM1 (GP Bulk billed services)
1 July 2018GP standard attendancesA1 (GP Attendances)
1 July 2018Specialist consultationsA3 (Specialist)
A4 (Consultant Physician)
A8 (Psychiatry)
A9 (Contact Lenses)
A12 (Occupational Physician)
A13 (Public Health Physician)
A15 (Multidisciplinary Care)
A21 (Emergency Physician)
A24 (Pain and Palliative)
A26 (Neurosurgery Attendance)
A28 (Geriatric Medicine)
A29 (Early Intervention)
A31 (Addiction Medicine)
A32 (Sexual Health Medicine)
T6 (Anaesthetics)
1 July 2019Specialist proceduresOver 3,500 individual items
1 July 2019Other GP servicesA5 (Prolonged Attendances)
A6 (Group Therapy)
A7 (Acupuncture)
A11 (Urgent After Hours)
A14 (Health Assessments)
A15 (GP Management Plans)
A17 (Residential Management)
A18 (GP PIP)
A20 (GP Mental Health)
A22 (GP After Hours)
A27 (Pregnancy Support)
A30 (Telehealth)
1 July 2019Allied healthA10 (Optometry)
M3 (Allied Health Services)
M6 (Psychological Therapy)
M7 (Focussed Psychological Strategies)
M8 (Pregnancy Support Counselling)
M9 (Allied Health Group Services)
M10 (Autism and disability services)
M11 (Allied Health for Indigenous Australians)
M12 (Practice Nurse)
M13 (Midwives)
M14 (Nurse Practitioners)
M15 (Diagnostic Audiology)
1 July 2020Diagnostic ImagingI1 (Ultrasound)
I2 (Computed Tomography)
I3 (Diagnostic Radiology)

I6 (Management of Bulk-Billed Services)

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